iBAKE Denver

iBAKE Denver, the Nations 1st Legal Recreational Cannabis Club! The #1 Place to Legally Consume Cannabis in Denver.

We DO NOT sell Marijuana or Marijuana Products of ANY KIND!

iBAKE Denver is a Private Marijuana Club, You MUST Be 21 or Older to Enter. NO EXCEPTIONS


A quick search of Google will show you that iBAKE Denver has been the #1 place to legally smoke marijuana in the Denver Metro Area for over five years now.  Why you might ask, because Denver is very strict on where you can smoke.  But iBAKE Denver has set the standard when it comes to legal cannabis consumption.

Members receive 10% OFF ALL glass purchases

FREE/Discounted Access to Special Events*

To become a member visit us at;

6125 Washington St.

Denver, CO 80216


iBAKE Denver is Open

Monday - Thursday 12pm - 12am

Friday - Sunday 10am - 12am

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Most people don't know, just because cannabis is legal to purchase and possess in Colorado, there are only a few legal places to consume cannabis.  You can consume cannabis in the privacy of your home, hotel (if you book your room at one of the few that will allow consumption), a private (NOT FOR HIRE) limousine/bus, private events or iBAKE Denver.



iBAKE Limousines & Shuttles



Looking to enjoy your stay in Denver, without the risk of a DUI for cannabis?  iBAKE Limousines & Shuttles is the perfect way to travel.  We are a full service limousine service, that offers more then just a limousine ride!

When you book a ride with iBAKE Limousines & Shuttles, (as long as you're group is all over 21) we provide cannabis for you to consume on your travels.  That's right, not only does you limousine come stocked with drinks (sorry we do not provide alcohol unless it's upon request) but it comes stocked with cannabis, hash & other smokables and edibles.


chrysler 300 black

chrysler 300 black interior

chrysler 300 silver

chrysler 300 silver interior

The History of iBAKE Denver – Episode 1

The History of iBAKE Denver – Episode 2

Join the discussion

  1. enrique

    Do I have to reserve a spot in the lpunge?

    • thethurlowweed

      No you do not need to reserve a spot my friend, just stop on by!

      • Michael

        Hello , coming into Denver in June, look forward to trying a little dabbin ! ….

      • Tiffany Estrada

        We plan on visiting Colorado in June. How does it work as far as membership sign up?

        • thethurlowweed

          You can sign up for a membership when you get here. Just make sure and bring valid ID. =)

      • Sebastian

        So i just moved to northglenn from florida and would like to socialize and meet ppl wat is your membership process

    • Ty

      Do you have to pay an entering fee?

      • thethurlowweed

        You have to pay to become a member and use our building.

        • Megan

          How much? I come to Denver about once a month and would like a spot to smoke.

  2. Selena

    I wanted to thank everyone at iBAKE for making my trip to Denver unforgettable! Everyone I met there was AWESOME and I cant wait to come back!

    • thethurlowweed

      AWESOME! It was great having you hear! Come on back again!

  3. anneisha

    How much is a membership

  4. Scott Torres

    BadKittySmiles brought me here!!!

  5. cody

    I want to buy an AI vac, please call me 7204279796

    • thethurlowweed

      Cody we are currently out of stock on Across International vacuum ovens. But they will be back in stock after 4/20 weekend.

  6. anneisha

    Are dogs

  7. marklarj

    We had a great time at #iBake Denver. The owners were great, people were super cool, laid back, great atmosphere, good tunes. Thanks for showing some love. Hope the wedding and reception go well. Congrats, Happy 420! Peace

    • thethurlowweed

      Thank you for your support! We work our asses off to make sure people have a legit, legal place to come smoke weed while in town! #iBAKEFamily

  8. J

    We will be in town next week for business but hoping to find a friendly spot to hang a few hours a day to enjoy the scene.

  9. C

    I’m visiting Denver in a few weeks and want to try wax/shatter/dabs. Do you have guest rigs/torches available?

    • thethurlowweed

      Yes we do. =)

      • Nakia Smith

        So it it a charge to use your items i will ve in town in 2 days

        • thethurlowweed

          There is no charge to use the pipes, dab rigs, etc, but we are private, so you will need to become a member to join. =)

  10. Kendra

    Thanks for having us! We loved hanging out there. We were able to enjoy ourselves while getting ALL our work done! Thanks a bunch! Next time we come to Denver this will be our 1st stop!

    • thethurlowweed

      We’re glad you had a great time and we’re looking forward to seeing you again! Safe travels! =)

  11. Ramona

    Visiting Denver for a few days do you have a day pass?

    • thethurlowweed

      Our membership is $10 a month and $2 per day, I’m sorry there are no day passes available.

      • Kai

        We will be in denver in february is there an entry fee? Do u have to be a member to enter? Do u just bring ur own weed and chill?

  12. Rob

    Can we bring in our own alcohol to drink as well while we chill?

  13. mickey

    How much is it for one day of smoking??

    • thethurlowweed

      It’s $10 per month, and $2 per day. The first time you come in, you just pay the $10 for you month and the day is free. So if you’re only going to come in one day it will cost $10.

  14. Adam

    We’re coming into town in a couple weeks. Looking forward to checking out the place.

  15. Steve

    Looking for details on limo and booking a event with u please email or call me at 7082070145

  16. Drew E. Gavion

    Hey, I will be visiting Denver in August and would like to know how I can go about getting a membership so I may use the lounge when I visit. Thanks!

    • thethurlowweed

      Drew, you can get your membership when you get here. You can sign-up that day and you’re ready to go.

    • Ricky

      im visiting denver in august too and I will be stopping by here. Is this the only place in denver you can smoke legally

  17. ToneJoe

    do you guys carry the new Joytech Ego-One vape pen?
    Thanks, love this place.

    • thethurlowweed

      No we don’t currently. But it’s something we could look into carrying.

  18. PhillyToker

    How old do you have to be to enter??

  19. jeff

    Hello,just heard radio add. Can’t wait to stop in.Do you know of any businesses that make cbd edibles for dogs?

  20. Vanessa

    So you have to pay $10 a month and on top of that pay $2 each visit?

    • thethurlowweed

      Yep Vanessa, and there’s nobody that has a problem with that. At our Englewood location, it’s $4.20 per day that you use the facility.

    • thethurlowweed

      Yep. Nobody really seems to have a problem with it either. Or if they do, it’s very few =) hope to see u there

  21. Ben&Jessica

    We stopped in last night. Was a little intimidated since it was the ONLY place we could find in Denver to go enjoy some cannabis in public, but it was worth it. These Guys are here to have fun and make sure you do the same! Great atmosphere wish we could have stayed longer. Will be back for sure!

  22. Trizzle

    Do you guys have glass pipes or water pipes for use or only for sale?

  23. Perry

    Wow…finally a place for us all, I bake Englewood feels like my living room filled with friends, great conversation, and a ton of smoking options. Make your purchase and head down Broadway. Great place , great people.!!!

  24. Josh

    Was here for the weekend for my birthday and it was awesome everyone was totally rad the locals are awesome really friendly chill atmosphere thank you everyone for the good visit and birthday special thanks to turtle man for all the info and cool spots downtown

  25. Carrie

    Great place! Awesome people. 10 minute walk from my house.I would “highly”, recommend this place.

  26. destiny

    I’m from out of town how much would it be to just come and chill for an hour?

  27. Mario A Gino

    Just wonder if you have thought of linking with drivers from Uber to provide safe transportation to and from your Club! It might help calm the concerns the city has, before placing restrictions on your business! Would love to talk with you about this and another service that may be beneficial to your business! Thanks for your time in advance!

  28. robert

    I’m making a trip up to Denver to enjoy the freedom if smoking. And after looking I must say I can’t wait to visit your establishment. I be there to see ya around Aug.5th.

  29. Michael

    I wish I knew about your place when I came out for the cup in April. I’ll be back out in the fall when we launch and am looking forward to coming by.

    • thethurlowweed


      We’re sorry you didn’t know about us during the High Times Cannabis Cup. Our shop is only 3 blocks from where the Cup has been for the last two years. What’s the 420 Club? You said you’ll be launching out here in the fall, when will that be? We look forward to seeing you!

  30. Xavier

    Hi, I want to come to this place in a few days and i was wondering. Do you sell your weed there or do we have to bring are own and can we bring are own if we have some?

    • thethurlowweed

      Xavier it says right on the front of our page, the NO iBAKE LOCATION SELLS MARIJUANA, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN in big red letters. So no you can not purchase your cannabis here, but you can come here afterwards to smoke =)

      • Gucci

        If I’m visiting from out of town where can I go buy some Mary J?

  31. Terrance

    Headed up to Denver next week, will be stopping in with friends for birthday/ vacation.

  32. Anthony

    Are we allowed to bring a piece in with us or is there pieces to use?

    • thethurlowweed

      There are pieces to use and you can bring your own =)

  33. Robert

    Hope to come by and visit while I’m there during August 2015 . Look like chill environment and you place seems to please many of your reviews ..Hope meet you guys in next few weeks..

    • thethurlowweed

      Thank you for the kind words. We keep a fun environment! And look forward to you coming in!

  34. Erin

    My 21st birthday is in 11 days. Have heard some awesome things about u guys and wanted to come for my birthday.

    • thethurlowweed

      AWESOME! Come on down and check us out! We give our members Birthday special discounts on any glass you would like to purchase as well!

  35. angela

    Is it cheap? And do you have to have an id? Cause were from out of town here for a couple days and forgot my id but im over 18.

    • thethurlowweed

      Nope we’re not cheap, but we’re not expensive either. Yes you HAVE to have and ID and you HAVE to be 21 or OVER. If you want to visit our Lakewood location to purchase glass you can do that, it’s address is 1677 Wadsworth Blvd. But the Englewood and Denver locations where you can smoke are for 21 and up ONLY!

  36. Joel

    Hey I am making a trip with my girlfriend next week to Denver and was wondering if we need to bring our own smoking utensils or how much it is to rent a dab rig?

  37. P

    We were in Ibake Denver last week and we had a blast hanging out with the staff and other members, everyone was super nice and helpful. We had some shatter and it was our first time trying it and as soon as we let them know, they were super informative and nice enough to teach us how to hit it. It might look like it’s far but it’s a $10 cab ride, don’t be intimidated by the deserted surroundings, it’s totally worth the visit.

  38. Matthew

    Does the head shop take credit cards? (Not debit cards)

    • thethurlowweed

      iBAKE Lakewood is having trouble right now with credit/debit cards. But both iBAKE Englewood and iBAKE Denver can take them =)

  39. Kim

    Can I bring my own home vaporizer

  40. Jb

    Is it 21 plus to smoke there?

  41. brandon

    Is it possible to come for one ntown? if your from out of town

  42. Caleb

    I’m travelling to Denver in a few weeks with my girlfriend after my 21st birthday. If my girlfriend is only 20 would she still be able to come in and hang out with me and not smoke?

  43. Carlos

    Hey can I bring my own bud????

  44. Zach

    Can i bring my service animal into the main 21+ location as a member?
    Like the spot btw, just curious.

    • thethurlowweed

      yes if you have to proper service vest and paperwork. And as long as it does not effect our service animals that are there.

  45. Jon

    What rigs do you offer to use?

    • thethurlowweed

      Sorry that’s not a list we keep handy. There are enails, torches, and rigs to use. There’s no rent on the use of the rigs, it all comes with the cost of membership, but if you would like to purchase one, or bring your own you can.

  46. Kate

    Is tobacco smoking allowed? My fiance has Crohns and tobacco makes him ill so looking for a weed only place to smoke

    • thethurlowweed

      I’m very sorry, but yes smoking tobacco is allowed. Because of smoking laws we actually can not discriminate against tobacco smoking inside. If we let marijuana smoking happen, then we have to let tobacco smoking happen, or we could be sued. If there happens to be a place open that allows only marijuana smoking, they are open illegally.

  47. Sean

    Are you open all day Sundays in Englewood?

  48. Randi

    Hі there! Ɗo yoս use Twitter? I’d likee to follow үoս
    іf that would bе οk. I’m ɗefinitely enjoyying ƴoսr blog and looҟ
    forward tο new updates.

  49. Eric

    I will be in Denver for Thanksgiving, are there any events planned? Want to check out the lounge

    • thethurlowweed

      We are currently putting our Holiday schedule together. We’ll have something posted in the next few weeks. But yes there will be something going on.

      • Eric

        Great thanks for the info I will check back for the schedule and we will see you folks in November

  50. Marlon Bennett

    Do you accept debit or credit as forms of membership payment?

    • thethurlowweed

      Currently our credit/debit processing is down, because the processors think we sell marijuana because we allow consumption, so they shut us down.

  51. Cary

    I visited last year with my bro, came all the way from FL and had the best time at this place. People were very laid back and cool. I’m in town again, guess what? Yea I’m headed to iBake u can count on it, cya soon, mates !!

  52. Jane

    Hi! We are driving from Chicago this week. We need to know the cheapest places to buy. If we came by your place first, or maybe second, could folks there steer us to the stores with the best prices? Thanks so much! Janet

  53. Patrick Adam Cartwright

    I am looking to do a stage with a Cannabis Chef. I am a Chef in Maryland with an open mind and a willingness to learn everything and soak it all up like a sponge. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University for my Culinary school and have worked up and down the east coast from private to reaprts. I’m looking to open a restaurant / pub in Maryland and since close to legalization and wanting to be able to infuse my menu with cannabis recipes and ingredients from food to beverages. If you would know who I can talk to about this and I’ll pay for everything and will show up ready to work and learn. Please let me know where to go from here.
    I greatly appreciate it.

  54. Mike Aprea

    Im going to Denver In March for spring break and cant wait to come to this place , which looks amazing.so ill be there everyday im there. But i might be going by myself so i was wondering if you could help me out and meet some people. If you can call that be great!! 6468428171

  55. Stu

    I was just there this past weekend and was a little too baked and forgot to purchase some oil accessories ;). Had a blast. You guys are great. Wish I would have found you earlier in trip. I was wondering if I can buy and have shipped to FL. Thanks

    • thethurlowweed

      Currently because our c.c. processing being shut down we are not able to process cards on the phone. Because of this we can not currently take orders from out of state.

  56. mark

    how do i get a hold of a manager?

  57. larry

    Wondering where 420 friendly nice hotel is close to you guys.

  58. dc

    What’s the Denver address ? I’m coming in Feb for the Ween concert and I’m excited to stop by for a legal smoke. Will I be able to get weed, lunch, and a place to smoke if I uber from the airport ?

    • thethurlowweed

      We’ve got it here on the website, 6125 Washington St. Denver, CO 80216

      • dc

        It is ? It’s hard to find anything on the site because the layout is horrible. Might be the ugliest website I’ve seen. The music definitely plays though. You guys must like that.

  59. Mn

    Are you guys wheelchair friendly?

  60. Martha

    Was planning a trip for New Years eve was wondering if you guys are open and if there is a special event

    • thethurlowweed

      We are open, and on our front we now have tickets for sale for our 3rd Annual New Years Weed Party! We look forward to seeing you there! =)

  61. Martha

    Also are there any hotels near your Denver location.

    • thethurlowweed

      There is a Comfort Inn right off of 58th Ave. & I-25. There is also a Holiday Inn off of 48th and Broadway. Both of those are not far from us.

  62. hunt d

    I’m a budtender out of Noco and I was gonna come thru your store this Saturday because I’ve been interested in checking out your store. With that being said I also am looking for the best live resin in Denver to bring and try at your shop. Do you guys have any ideas of which shop has the best concentrates right now ? Price not a issue just looking for a killer quality.

    • thethurlowweed

      Come thru and bring your badge, you won’t have to pay the $10 membership fee, just the $2 daily fee. We support those who are in the industry!

      • Dabhappy

        This is great news! I’m just getting started in the industry and I have so much to learn. I am very excited to be able to have a place to chill, meet people in the biz and learn. Thank you IBAKE!

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  67. Robert Scott

    ‘ THE stoned Canyon Music Festival 2017 ” at The Colorado Canyon Event Center, Trinidad Colorado on fb
    I have an event venue in Trinidad that we are getting ready to service up to 25,000 people. I could use a partner in the concert event that could grade the roads, materials on site, Doze me a few low water crossings, Grade the amphitheater seating area to grade flat spaces for the Camp chairs and blankets and install a 400 amp electrical service and such. Are you interested in a piece of the action ?
    This is a private property venue. I will have private security. I am holding The Stoned Canyon Music Festival 2017 in the fall of next year. I have already been approached by the industry to hire the event center. I also have a full service turn key package for you events that you might like to hold. I provide Security, Crowd Control, Concessions , Beverages, Parking Control, ID Check’s if necessary. Family Friendly or Over 21 Only ! What ever type of an event you wish.

    I will be holding a fest of one type or another all year. A Yoga company wants to have a gathering. I have a natural amphitheater setting for any event, music festival, or Cannabis Club trade show. We are ready to serve.

    Robert Scott Show Promotions
    1503 Lawrence Ave.
    Trinidad , Colorado 81082

    In the pic on the lower end will be the stage area and seating up the hill. Around the corner to the right is another 20 acre meadow for parking. In a lower area there is RV parking. Shuttle busses provided by our host hotel to and from the events. If you need a comp room for an event let me know. There is a 5 acre meadow across the creek bed to the left front of the pic. There we will set up the food concessions and beverage concessions will be through out the event grounds. There can be a VIP tent with free dab tent, steaks , back stage passes for your guests. Have it your way. We are here to serve.

    This venue is two miles west of 1-25 on The Highway of Legends just before you go up the hill to the lake , turn right and go by the Quonset hut .I would be glad to show it to you at any time.
    I am taking orders on booth space for my 2017 Music Festival. They are $ 3000.00 per booth. That will allow you a booth size up to 12’x 24’ with four serving sides.. There will be an area next to the stage on both sides and next to the concessions on the other side of the creek bed and on the trail under the cottonwoods that leads to the concert grounds from the parking lot. Approximately 50 yards of trail. I believe these three areas will best serve the crowd, The music will be heard anywhere in the Rock Canyon. We could brand the event, ( Your Name’s) Stoned Canyon Music Festival 2017. A 21 and over event ! No one will be allowed to leave drunk. They will sign a liability and sobriety waver. The only way out for someone messed up will be the hotel trolly , with a room key ! They can bring a sleeping bag and spend the night . Light Towers, Generators, for all areas. I am going to put in a 400 amp service close to the stage area.
    I ran a top 40 rock and roll club in California that held about a thousand. I know how to run tight security. All my guys are professional former military. They are there to protect and serve. One of their functions will be to pass free cannabis packs. They can take care of business in case the need arises. If ISIS tried to get in it it be a short trip. The security will be tight ! My only rule is don’t bother ANYONE or sever repercussions will follow. Bother a woman and it will be HELL on the way to severe repercussions.
    I ran a get down party bar and events. Yell , Scream, Through your hat in the air,,,as long as it’s your hat, no problemo !

    We all like to have fun. We only like to do business with nice people and advertise that fact ! We have a most beautiful venue setting. WE are under way with road renew and tree trimming and removal and will have a total magnificent park like atmosphere through the 66 acres that we have to party on !

    I ran security for a Bee Gees Concert at Dodger Stadium in LA with 75,000 people and it went off without a hitch. That dates me, Streisand was dating Gibbs at the time. Ha !

    . Let’s Talk. ( THCU’s ” STONED CANYON MUSIC FESTIVAL fall 2017 “ ) or ( THCU’s “Colorado Canyon Event Center, Trinidad Colorado “, on fb )


    Robert Scott Show Promotions
    1503 Lawrence Ave.
    Trinidad , Colorado 81082
    “ The Stoned Canyon Music Festival 2017 Fall Fest ! ”
    Tickets will go on sale online when we set our dates for the fall concert. Head Liners To Be Announced as soon as the contracts are signed. We expect to host as many as 25,000 people !
    General Admission Tickets: $ 100.00
    To Include: Admit One Person,
    Cannabis Festival Fanny Pack !
    ( The value of a general admission ticket )
    Deluxe Admission Tickets: $ 300.00
    To Include: Admit One Person,
    Cannabis Festival Fanny Pack !
    Food Bar & Cocktails !
    Dab Tent Pass !
    VIP Admission Tickets: $ 500.00
    To Include: Admit One Person,
    VIP Cannabis Festival Fanny Pack !
    VIP Steak Bar & Cocktails !
    VIP Dab Tents !
    VIP Back Stage Pass !
    VIP Lounge , back stage !
    * The Stoned Canyon Music Festival’s Host Hotel, will provide
    The Trinidad Trollys for shttle service to and from the event.
    * Bring your sleeping bag and spend the night if you like.
    * 24 hour security services, sweet dreams.
    * Limited RV Parking. First Come, First Serve.
    * The gates will open at 12:00 Noon for a 7:00 PM Concert Kick Off. * First come first serve in the natural amphitheater sitting area .
    * Bring A Comfortable Chair.
    All Others Please Find Something Else To Do !

    Boost Post

  68. Brandon LaGrasse

    Coming to Denver Dec. 27th staying a week with my brotha to ball out and blow it down. After reading reviews etc.. this looks like a good alternative to paying big bucks for bud and breakfast stay! Now We can just stay at Marriott at my low member rate and come to iBake Denver to share the love. Will be spending a lot of time in here if there is anything we can do to better our experience at your establishment please feel free to inform me at 6034011292(text or call) or bdlag92@comcast.net. Thanks again for your time and can’t wait to see you guys!

  69. David

    Can’t wait to return to ibake Denver on wednesday. I miss my fun loving people’s.

  70. Thomas

    Me and a buddy are taking a trip to Denver in about a week do we have to register online for membership?

    • thethurlowweed

      No you don’t =) You can get your membership when you get here. Just come on by with your valid ID.

  71. Daniel Morales

    How old do you have to be to go inside?

  72. Jasmine Davis

    Hi! Me and friends are coming on 4/20 for my birthday and we’re so excited! Anything special going on that weekend with you guys?

  73. Erica

    Can you have open flame or is it only vape?

    • thethurlowweed

      We are the only place in the Denver Metro Area where you can actually consume cannabis. It’s not just vaping that is allowed here, but you can dab, (using both an e-nail and a torch) or you can consume cannabis/flower. =)

  74. taka

    Cant wait to visit and have an awesome time 🙂 will be my first time! Im curious if tobacco consumption is allowed in this fine establishment? I am an avid “spliff” smoker and would feel deprived if I couldnt indulge so accordingly! Thank you much and regardless see you soon

  75. Paul

    What is the address of the closest recreational dispensary to iBake Denver? How far from iBake Denver is that dispensary? I’m looking forward to my visit. I plan on coming every day.

  76. Jeremy

    Hi I will be coming to Denver on Thanksgiving weekend, will you guys be open the day before or or during thanksgiving or black Friday?

  77. lesan

    Do you guys have hookah?

  78. Big Nick

    Do y’all have oil rigs for use, or just for sale? I’m trying to plan a trip that starts in 2 days.

    • thethurlowweed

      Yes we have them available to use for free as well as ones we sell (that are not used of course! =)

  79. Ashley

    Is there a member for just a day…My cousin and I will be visiting Denver for the firt time in October. What shall we so?

    • thethurlowweed

      Sorry there is not =( But it gives you a reason to come back again that month! =)

  80. Jose

    Hi there, Im from Chile and Im going to travel Denver soon and I want to know if can I become a member with my chilean ID, Im 36… sorry about my english 🙂

  81. Ricardo

    Do you have wifi for members?

  82. NorthGuy

    Looking forward to visiting, and wondering what one brings vs. what is provided and what is for purchase. The videos show a couple of bongs on the tables that seem to be for anyone to use. Is that right? Can I bring my own? What about food and drink? Any for sale? Can I bring my own?

  83. Rashad Thomas

    I came here when I visited In Nov 2017. Not bad of a place to come to and chill and smoke. Everyone was friendly and snacks are available to buy. Much love

  84. Noel

    I am coming into town next week and will be staying with a friend. I am wondering what are the benifits of coming here? Basically why should i come check this place out?

  85. Noel

    I am coming into town next week and will be staying with a friend. I am wondering what are the benifits of coming here? Basically why should i come check this place out?

  86. robert

    hey Thurlow im coming back at end of this month, i was last at your establishment back in Jan of this year. and i thing i may have kicked shit out of coffee table from being so high from smoking 8 blunts i remember you and wife was there, but anyway sorry if i did didnt mean to. but any way question at hand is have you done an ything to iBake as far as inside goes as far as changes. cant wait to get there dude. always have good time there.

  87. Kay

    Visiting Denver for a day and left my id back home. I have a passport card with my DOB on it, will that work?

  88. Caitlin

    HI, wondering if you have pieces there to use?

    • thethurlowweed

      Yes we do! Pipes, dab rigs, papers, bongs, everything you need! =)

  89. Michel Morin

    My name is Michel Morin. I’m a French-Canadian lawyer/journalist.
    As you are certainly aware, Canada is about to legalize recreative cannabis. Being a pro-legalization and being interested in the amazing history of the substance for a long time, I published a book last year. It is an essay about the pot prohibition, the evolution of the Canadian laws, the new perspectives, etc etc. The book is titled “O cannabis” and I got to say I had pretty good reactions about it.
    Since the publication, I’ve done many conferences in school, interviews on radio, etc etc.
    Thing is I’m about to fly to Denver and spend a week up there in order to see “sur le terrain” how you guys from Colorado manage the cannabis legalization. I just had an agreement with La Presse and they will publish three articles where I will inform the readers about what’s going on in Colorado and what to expect in Canada. I should mention here that La Presse is one of the most popular and respected newspaper in Canada with a huge circulation.
    One of the topics I want to explore is the phenomenon of “marijuana social lounges”. How does it operates? Is there many of them? What about the rules imposed by the City of by the State? What’s going on in these places? Etc etc….
    I intend to give a kind of “light” tone to the article. Lots of people here are agonizing about this legalization and I take every opportunity to “de-dramatize”. There’s a lot of columnists pontificating about cannabis in Canada and I’m not playing for their club!
    So, if it possible to have, like, 30 minutes (or more) of your time for a talk (plus a guided tour, bien entendu!) on any given day between may 9th and 14th, just write me back to tell me when it would accommodate you.

  90. Brian

    Can I bring my own bong and torch?

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