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  1. E313fromtheDET

    Coming from Detroit, I was leery about going to anywhere to smoke. I found the environment to be very, very, chill. No drama. All love. I think people like us who toka are just cool people to be around anyways. I had a great time and the hospitality was great. I’m coming back. I got my membership card and I’ll be back. Thanks!

    • thethurlowweed

      Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you!

      • Angel


        My name is Angel B. Rodriguez. I am a mental health social worker/ medical social worker. I would like to share with you an amazing story of how my cousin-in-law treated his girlfriend with cannabis oil and an organic diet to decrease her cancer markers to a state where they are currently not detectable. I was in Denver earlier this year with my girlfriend and met one there who was involved in compasesh. During my stay there, all I could think about was how much my local community needed a place to safely enjoy their cannabis. I am currently hoping to start making connections to learn from Ibake. My diverse community of South Central Los Angeles is in need of cannabis knowledge and with California transitioning into a recreational state, we wanted to open up a lounge where people can enjoy their cannabis and are able to learn about the healing benefits of cannabis. I was wondering if someone could help me by contacting me in efforts to build relationships to get knowledge on the challenges and benefits of having a lounge. I would greatly appreciate it.

        Angel B. Rodriguez, MSW

  2. erica jorgensen

    Hi ! by chance did i leave my georgia license there on this past monday ? if so could you possibly send it to me ?

    thanks !

    • thethurlowweed

      Hey Erica we’ll check and see, if we find it, of course we’ll send it back! =) Or hold it for ransom some maybe you guys will come back again! 😉 J/K We’ll let you know if we find it!

      • erica jorgensen

        HAHAHA I hope to visit again before my month membership is expired. 🙂 ! thanks !!!!

  3. Manrique Medrano

    Hello iBake! I was wondering if you could give any advice to a young entrepreneur who’d like to tart his own Cannabis lounge like this one? If there was anything you’d recommend doing before diving into the business. Thanks in advance!

    • thethurlowweed

      We offer consulting services, and we have franchises available. My suggestion is to have experienced people like us help you out.

  4. John V.

    Hi, I’m interested in getting some information about opening up a franchise and I have some questions about it. Franchise fee(s), required assets, what are the advantages of the franchise vs. the consulting service, are there licensing requirements, etc… Do you have an informational packet you could send me? Thanks.

    • thethurlowweed

      John, if you could please send an email to Info@NoExcusesEntertainment.com we can get you the information that you’re asking for. Thank you for your time and interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Stacy

    Can anyone suggest some hotels in the area that are walking distance to your store? Thanks!

  6. Cbreezy

    Can I order your products online? If so,how

    • thethurlowweed

      You can currently order the Wonder Worm online. We do have other branded products that you will be able to order online as well, but it’s still going to be about 30 days before it’s up and ready. There will be a store on the iBAKE website once it’s all ready to go =)

  7. anthony

    I am 20 i turn 21 in 4 months will I be allowed access if I come with my 21 year old friend

    • thethurlowweed

      Nope I’m sorry you MUST be 21 or older to become a member and hang out.

  8. Ian Campbell


    My name is Ian Campbell and I am an artist/jeweler from New Orleans.

    I have recently created a new line of jewelry called the “Cannabis Collection” consisting of high resolution images of high the finest quality Cannabis set in one-of-a-kind hand-made silver rings, pendants, earrings, and cufflinks, et cetera. The average retail price for most items is anywhere from $48.00 – $95.00, and we do offer wholesale prices and consignment sales.

    I am happy to fill custom orders for a particular or favorite cannabis strain and I can make any piece in just about any size.

    Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to place an order or if you have any questions. And also feel free too forward this message to any and all interested parties. Please check out my new High Times ad and my website at http://www.funkyneworleans.com and have a nice day.

    Yours truly, Ian Campbell
    504 250 8493
    504 313 8937

  9. Scott

    Hey I’m coming out from michigan in February. Hoping too try some of Denvers finest dabs, do you rent rigs or have them available? Just not trying too buy an expensive rig that I won’t be able too take back on the plane.

  10. Reeves Wiedeman


    I’m a reporter with New York magazine, and am hoping to talk to someone at iBake for a story I’m working on. Happy to tell you more about what I’m doing: you can reach me at reeves.wiedeman [at] gmail.com.


  11. MisterCookie

    Hi, Would you guys ever take on an intern at all? Grad student from Denmark studying marijuana policy, and would do anything to gain your insight.

  12. Florian Rister (Deutscher Hanfverband / German Hemp Association)


    We will be visiting Denver in November and we would like to have a visit at your club. Could you contact us at kontakt(at)hanfverband.de? We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Hempy Greetings from Germany

  13. Jonathan

    I want to know if I can reserved a table for 2

    • thethurlowweed

      We do not currently offer reservations. Everything is first come first serve. But we have enough room. =)

  14. Lindsey Freeman

    Coming from Charlotte NC need to know how this all works..want to come chill with you guys

  15. Derek

    Hey I am coming in from ohio this weekend an was wondering if you had any events planned at all or ever the poker thing I seen? Cant wait to stop by!

  16. Stephanie

    Hi. Wanted to visit while I’m in town in April. What is the atmosphere like? Sofas? Lounge area? Is there any food or beverages for purchase? Would a 40 year old lady feel comfortable hanging out? Music? Sorry so many questions just wondering about the normal clientele. Thanks

    • thethurlowweed


      We are very laid back. We have many people from 30 to 50 that hang out here on a regular basis. All of them have a really good time. I think you would be very comfortable and would have a great time! =) We hope to see you here!

  17. Gilbert Garza

    Looking for lounge hours

    • thethurlowweed

      12pm – 10pm Monday – Thursday
      12pm – 12am Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  18. Taylor

    im from out of town and I’m assuming it’s a bring your own kinda thing??

    • thethurlowweed

      Yes, in Colorado cannabis can not be sold and smoked in the same place.

  19. Tiffany

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  20. Cora

    My smoke son is coming from New York to visit Denver for a couple of weeks around Thanksgiving time, and would like somewhere to smoke marajuana (not allowed in my building). Have I got it right that he would visit Ibake and buy a membership there for $10 for a month plus pay $2.00 per visit. Also, do you have 2 locations? He is in his 40’s.

  21. Cora

    I’m old and not quite sure how to contact you on the computer.

  22. NorthGuy

    Looking forward to visiting, and wondering what one brings vs. what is provided and what is for purchase. The videos show a couple of bongs on the tables that seem to be for anyone to use. Is that right? Can I bring my own bong?
    What about food and drink? Any for sale? Can I bring my own food or drink?

  23. Andy Vaught

    I can assume your not open anymore.

    • thethurlowweed

      Why would you say that? We’ve been open 5 years and still going strong!

  24. Bridget

    Hi there – My boyfriend and I will be visiting Denver next weekend. Just want to confirm that we could arrive at iBake, pay the monthly membership fee of $10 (then $2/day we are there). After that, we could cancel the membership at any time; is that correct?

  25. Janice Davis

    I am in Denver until Saturday. I would like to Uber there right now. Do I pay membership when I arrive?

    • thethurlowweed

      Yes you can take care of your membership when you arrive =)

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