iBAKE Denver Events

iBAKE Denver hosts they're monthly membership meeting, and along with that, there are a few other events throughout the year that iBAKE Denver hosts as well.

Some of these events are; 4/20, 7/10, Halloween and New Years Eve just to name a few.

Here you will find information about upcoming iBAKE Denver events.

iBAKE Denver Daily Specials (Coming Soon)

Pot Poker

Looking for a game of skill, where you can WIN FREE weed, hash, glass and more?  The checkout iBAKE Pot Poker Weekly at iBAKE Denver.

Come test your Texas Hold'm skills at iBAKE Denver and you could win NEW glass, apparel and much more! 

iBAKE Monthly Meeting


iBAKE Denver Monthly Meetings.  As an iBAKE member, you are invited to come to our iBAKE Monthly Meeting.  This is a chance for members to come let us know what they think about iBAKE.  Are there any changes you would like to see, upgrades, additions?  This is where you can voice your thoughts. 

Having the monthly meetings is a way for the members to help guide iBAKE and lets us know what more you would like to see from the shop. Look for the Membership Meeting calendar (coming soon) here on the website, or LIKE us Facebook for updates, meeting dates, times and more.




iBAKE Denver has an amazing selection of glass pipes, both local, US, and over seas glass. It doesn't matter if you're looking for some just to get you through the weekend, or looking for a new piece to add to your collection, iBAKE Denver the place for your next glass pipe.
Tobacco Products
iBAKE Denver has an amazing selection of blunt wraps, cigar wraps, as well as other tobacco products. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest selection of blunt wraps in the state, with more added each month! Stop on by and check it out!
Show your love for iBAKE Denver where ever you go with our branded iBAKE gear! We're continuing to expand our branded items to include more then just t-shirts, hat pins and stickers.




iBAKE Denver prides itself on being being the #1 place to safely and legally consume cannabis in the Denver Metro Area.  We strive to make sure that our business model only gets better.  Our goal is to become the industry standard for private businesses of this type in this new and ever growing industry.

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  1. Blue Dream Strategic Solutions

    I noticed you don’t have an up to date calendar. Would you be interested in some help with that? I was just in a couple of days ago and left my card. Please feel free to contact me.
    Loved the place!

  2. Sean Hamilton

    I’ll be in Denver next Friday just for the night, can I come in ? Just sign up for a membership? Thank you and hopefully see you next week.

  3. T Holloman

    What event do you have scheduled for 4/20/2018? I have several clients that are planning to visit Colorado (from Texas) to experience the HIGH that Colorado has to offer. Please send me any information for events (including any fees for events) that you have scheduled for the 4/20 weekend.
    Thank you,
    T Holloman

  4. Markita gustafson

    Hey good afternoon!
    Im coming down to Denver for my birthday 5-6😀 anyways do you have any birthday specials?? Thank u

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