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High Times Best CBD Strains of 2015

High Times Best CBD Strains of 2015


Set aside a think back in time at the best CBD participants to every one of the Cannabis Cups of 2015. Non-psychoactive all alone, CBD goes about as a mitigating, pain relieving and is being explored for its reported hostile to disease properties. Figure out the heredity, lab comes about and judges’ critique of the main three in each class.

Numerous victors took overwhelming hitting CBD pillars like Cannatonic or Harlequin and crossed them with flavor rulers like Girl Scout Cookies or Skywalker OG. These phenomenal combos awed judges in all cases, while keeping on conveying dynamic dosages of CBD.

Not only for therapeutic patients, strains with CBD have distinctive psychoactive impacts than strains with just THC. While the expansiveness of its belongings is obscure, CBD empowers the same receptors in the mind THC does, CB1, however differently.

CBD strains can have unique flavors reminiscent of fruits. Truth be told, immaculate CBD famously tastes of fruits when breathed in. Like banana, strawberry, grape, blueberry, apricot, tangerine, grapefruit, and so forth., fruits are essentially another heavenly entertainment of nature from cannabis reproduced for flavor.


2015 World Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place – CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T.

Lineage: Trident x Skywalker OG.

Profile: 19.5% CBD 9.01% THC

“Mellow and smooth high, not overwhelming and more melty. For sure a steady builder instead of sudden creeper.. did relieve my headache”

2nd Place – Tora Bora by The Vault Genetics

Lineage: LA Confidential x X18 Pure Pakistani.

Profile: 8.52% CBD. 4.05% THC


2015 World Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – Rubi Mass CBD Shatter by The Green Solution

Linage: Unknown

Profile: 36.1% CBD 37.32% THC.

“sticky amber glass; feels like THC content is significant”

2nd Place – MindblowingCBD by Mind Body & Soul Healing Center with Mind Blowing Shatter

Lineage: Sour Tsunami x Harlequin x Harlequin

Profile: 56.5% CBD. 4.33% THC.

“ice cherry flavor, pretty color, very sticky”

3rd Place -Meta Haze Concentrate by Om Grown Female Collective and Gold Drop

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 44.3% CBD. 15.33% THC

“slight cherry taste, smooth finish; dark, transparent, sappy; relaxing”


2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place – Perkins Cut Cannatonic from Mota Rebel

Lineage: Cannatonic.

Profile: 9.34% CBD 0.46% THC.

2nd Place – CBDee’s #1B from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

Lineage: Cannatonic #4 x Harlequin

Profile:12.62% CBD. 0.86% THC.

“Gives a very balanced calming and uplifting effect. Very noticeable pain reduction. Hit real smooth. Strong berry notes, very pleasant.”

3rd Place – Super Sonic CBD from Radicle Genetics in collaboration with Valerio

Lineage: Cannatonic X x Hawg’s Breath

Profile: 9.14% CBD. 9.84% THC


2015 Michigan Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – CBD Cookies / Cannatonic X / Cannasphere from Kannacare in collaboration with TerpTitan

Lineage: [Cookies x Cannatonic] x Cannatonic x [Cannatonic X x Cookie Berry Crunch]

Profile: 22.4% CBD. 27.38% THC.

“Flavorful- floral, melon, rose Texture- pull-snap to almost sap”

2nd Place – CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

Lineage: Cannatonic #4 x Harlequin

Profile: 33.84% CBD. 2.57% THC

“Simply the best color, flavor and effect.”

3rd Place – Startonic Sap from Genotype A2 and A2 Wellness by ZombeeLabs

Lineage: Death Star x Cannatonic X

Profile: 20.37% CBD. 24.65% THC.

“Loved the color and clarity. Smelled and tasted amazing!”


2015 NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T.

Lineage: Trident x Skywalker OG

Profile: 19% CBD. 6.2% THC.

“Best smelling & tasting cbd flower I’ve had to date.”

2nd Place Doctor Cookies by Northstar Holistic Collective

Lineage: GSC x Medi Haze

Profile:11.2% CBD. 6.6% THC.

“Great Kief producer. Smell is good, with nice taste. Compact buds properly trimmed. Great night time smoke for pain relief.”

3rd Place Sunkiss CBD by California Growers Guild

Lineage: Cagg OG x (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk)

Profile: 11.4% CBD. 6.6% THC.

“Over all proper. Nice tight trimming. Solid nuggets with earthy smell.”


2015 NorCal Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place Goji D.C. Live Resin by Moxie Genetics

Lineage: Goji (male) x ACDC (femal

Profile: 62% CBD. 4.2% THC.

“Gorgeous. Smells like a gardenia.”

2nd Place  AC/DC by Str8organics/thedankman707

Lineage: Cannatonic x ruderalis

Profile: 56.9% CBD. 8.5% THC.

“Taste and smoothness are fantastic.”

3rd Place AC/DC by Dankman Extrax

Lineage: Cannatonic x ruderalis

Profile: 53.2% CBD. 4.9% THC.

“Sweet taste with a piney finish. Nice sap consistency easy to pull off parch.”


2015 Denver Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place Tora Bora – MMJ America

Lineage: LA Confidential x X18 Pure Paki

Profile: 10% CBD. 6.9%THC.

“Kushy musky earthy aroma… Great lingering taste. Very sedative and hypnotic. Made me hungry and sleepy. Nice one!”

2nd Place The Nubia – Aficionado/ FreeBorn Selections

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 10.51% CBD. 6.64% THC.

“Smells like some sort of Lavender and Girl Scout cross, slightly peppery. Very stoney and couchlock herb… Didn’t take long for the munchies to kick in.”

3rd Place Sleeping Giant – Elemental Seeds

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 9.93% CBD. 10.3% THC

“Good looking buds and sleepy body high.”


2015 Denver Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – OG Tonic – The Smokers Club in collaboration with Garden of Weedn

Lineage: Cannatonic x Unknown OG?

Profile: 24.39% CBD. 37.87% THC.

“Sap. Amazing clarity. Early cherries.”

2nd Place Cannatonic – Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

Lineage: MK Ultra x G13 Haze

Profile: 52% CBD. 5.55% THC.

3rd Place – Hemp CBD Extract – ISODIOL S.A.

Lineage: ruderalis

Profile: 95.17% CBD. 0.37% THC.

“Outrageous electric tropic flavor. It’s a white powder that boils on the banger pacifying behind the eyes and mind. It resembles moon rocks with a detached k hole tunnel vision that mellows out into a foggy lucid daydream. It left me confused, excited and curious.”


2015 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place V.C.D.C. from Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Lineage: Viper City OG x ACDC

Profile: 9% CBD. 4% THC.

“This was some gorgeous flower. Very strong terps; I imagine that all the earthy/bitter/pepper would be very helpful with pain. Smoked well, tasted great. My favorite of the samples I tried for this competition.”

2nd Place Vitamin CBD from Growers Guild

Lineage: (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk) x OG Kush

Profile: 11.7% CBD. 6.4% THC.

“Nice sticky flowers, gorgeous crystals that were almost entirely clear/milky; good timing with that harvest! Good, strong skunky smell on the flowers… I really enjoyed the hoppy taste of the smoke. Nice!”

3rd Place Vegan Buddha Milagro from Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 7% CBD. 3.2% THC.

“Impressive appearance. Tons of trichomes throughout and long, fuzzy pistills. Vaped very clean. Decent sized buds. Created a bit of a centered head high, but very relaxing overall. Relieved joint pain.”


2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st PlaceRingo’s Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil by POP Naturals with WCHC

Lineage: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Profile: 79% CBD. 7.2% THC.

CO2 extract. Clean. Feels like good medicine. Cherry (cbd) finish. Medicinal. Well done. Relaxing. Anxiety relieving. I like the safety aspect of CO2 oil.

2nd Place – Ringo’s Gift #3 by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extracts

Lineage: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Profile: 48.6% CBD. 19.6% THC.

“Robust aroma to match flavor. Significantly eased neuropathy after about 10 min. Stimulated thirst more so than appetite. Heavy, yet mellow, relaxing indica ‘body high’.”

3rd Place – CBD Simple CO2 Extractor by Cannavest

Lineage: Hemp (ruderalis)

Profile: 99.1% CBD. 0.4% THC.

“Looks like a pharmaceutical. White powder. I’m a bit put off by the appearance, as it looks man made. Taste and scent free. Good for concentration. Seems like it would be great as an ingredient in another product, but as a stand alone for dabbing, not so much.”

“pain be gone yes yes yes”

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