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IBAKE Denver Offers New Memberships for 2017

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iBAKE Denver has been the only legal marijuana consumption site in the Denver Metro Area for almost 4 years now.  It was the first location of it’s kind to open in the state and after 4 years they’re leading the way by far. Since opening iBAKE has made yearly adjustments to their membership prices, but in 2017 they’re really making some changes.

You will still be able to purchase your Basic Membership for $10 per month and the cost will still be $2 per visit as well.  What they are doing different is letting you make one purchase to cover your daily charges throughout the month if you choose.

The iBAKE Gold Membership covers your monthly membership of $10, covers your daily entry fee for every day of the month, plus receive 20% OFF ALL iBAKE events that month. Toltal cost $40. That’s a savings of over $30!

iBAKE VIP Membership, when you become an iBAKE VIP Member you will receive everything the Gold Members receive, PLUS iBAKE swag (swag includes, but is not limited to, tee shirts, hats, hat pins, hoodies, etc) new iBAKE, HempNerd™ or Tokin Tops Apparel swag each month! PLUS VIP Members will receive 30% OFF all events for that month. The cost to become a VIP iBAKE Member is ONLY $50! That’s a monthly savings of over $50!

To learn more about becoming an iBAKE Memeber visit us online at

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