Where to smoke weed in Denver CO


iBAKE currently has three smoking lounges in Colorado. Below is the addresses and contact information for these locations.  If you are interested in opening your own iBAKE franchise please feel free to visit our franchise page.


iBAKE Denver

6125 Washington St.

Denver, CO 80216

Summer Hours 12pm – 12pm Monday – Thursday

10am- 12pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday


[gmap addr=”6125 Washington St., Denver, CO 80216″]iBAKE Denver[/gmap]

iBAKE Lakewood OPEN 24/7


[gmap addr=”1677 Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80214″]iBAKE Lakewood[/gmap]

iBAKE Englewood

3995 S. Broadway

Englewood, CO

Hours – 12pm – 12am DAILY


[gmap addr=”3995 South Broadway, Englewood, CO”]iBAKE Englewood[/gmap]

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  1. Becky

    I will be in Denver the weekend of 4.17.15 – was curious to know if you rent dab rigs for out of town guests? Please let me know.
    Thanks in Advance,

    • thethurlowweed


      We actually don’t rent them, we have them available to use FREE, on a first come first serve basis. (and I don’t believe we’ve ran out of rigs yet! =) Did you see our 4/20 Weekend VIP Party?

      • boolopez

        The description of the party is kinda vague. if I pay 99 dollars is that just for the entrance to the party and ride to and from the cannabis cup? If I buy the hotel package what hotel is it? And does that cover 2 occupants?is the rig package the only one that allows you access to the vip smoking area?what times are the event for eachday. ill be in town the whole weekend including Monday.

        • thethurlowweed

          The $799 hotel package is for 2 and it comes with a dab rig, torch and a FREE gram of hash. With ALL the VIP packages you get access to the VIP area.

  2. Jetpack710

    Came in from out of town, and let me start by saying WOW !! Outstanding service ! Very comfortable atmosphere and very friendly and knowledgeable staff ! Their storefront offers every essential item at awesome prices ! Just an incredible place I’m very grateful for a place like this ! You can come in from a long trip or long day and just relax like a VIP !! Highly recommended to anyone local or traveler, look no further !!!

  3. thatsmydad

    Just moved to Denver and I’m interested in becoming a member! would I be allowed to bring and use my own rigs and glass? or do you have to use the pieces provided?

    • thethurlowweed


      We have rigs here available for use, or you can bring your own. It completely up to you. We do look forward to seeing you here, so stop on by! =)

  4. Bryance

    Can you smoke in all types of ways rigs pipes and papers ?

    • thethurlowweed

      Yessir you can. And we have dab rigs, pipes, bongs, etc. available to use as well =)

  5. Vinji

    @Ibakedenver – I’m visiting Denver for the first time. can we pay the membership fee($10) at the entrance and come in and smoke?

    Is it as simple as that? And can we stay till you close for the day?

    If yes, this is going to my favorite hangout spot for the entire trip! Cant wait to be there!

  6. lemarz

    coming in for one day. which location is closest to the airport and are they any dispensaries close to that location? recommendations on dispensaries. preferably one that’s open early. thanks!

    • thethurlowweed

      The Denver location is the closest to the airport. There are dispensaries on the way to the shop.

      • Brieftourist

        What dispensaries would someone recommend as a stopoff between the airport and iBake?

  7. Tralesa Givens

    Me an my husband are coming too colorado in Oct, 2016 and the place we rented doesn’t allow smoking so i was wondering if there is a place that we can smoke before going to our cabin..

  8. Cora

    Can you visit all of the 3 locations with one membership?

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